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  • Kenneth Baker

    Kenneth Baker was born in Cape Town.

    It appears that he received very few years of formal schooling, and was self-taught as an artist, but was encouraged by his father, who earned his living as a house painter. He grew up under the pall of South African apartheid. His suburb of birth was a target of the government of the time's policy of forced removals, where thousands of families were relocated to other areas, based on racial segregation. Baker's family was amongst those moved.

    One of his earlier known employments was as a sign-writer in the Cape docks, a setting where he undoubtedly received some inspiration for the subjects of his paintings.

    He enjoyed some renown during his life, holding one-man and group exhibitions, but sold his work at relatively low prices, enjoying the fact that this made it more accessible. Since his death, his works have been attracting increasing interest, and he appears in many Cape art collections.

    His style, is described as impressionist and expressionist. He painted landscapes, city scenes, figures and still lifes. His work has an evocative simplicity, and often touches themes such as poverty and everyday pleasures. He painted many street scenes of life in District Six, a once vibrant and colourful suburb that was eventually demolished by the authorities as the final stage of another forced removal. Baker is recognised as one of the relative few who captured something of the spirit of District Six in a creative medium.



  • Kobus van Schalkwyk

    Kobus van Schalkwyk, born January 1961, is from the West Rand in Gauteng. He studied anthropology and psychology at RAU and went on to complete a Masters degree in Anthropology. During his varsity days, painting was his keen hobby.

    He held his first exhibition at the Carlton Hotel in 1982 and since then he has exhibited all over South Africa.  Kobus started giving Art Lessons in 1983 and opened his first Gallery in Florida Centre in 1990. He loves to spend his holidays in the Overberg in the Western Cape, visiting quaint towns like Struisbaai Arniston, Napier and Hermanus which is depicted in his art.


  • Louise de Klerk

    Louise was born in Johannesburg in 1967. She grew up in the countryside on a farm in the Northern Cape. She looks back on her childhood days as ‘the good old times’. It was a time when children could play their hearts out, went to school barefoot and had a horsecart for a school bus! Ever since she can remember she had a flair for anything artistic.

    She matriculated in Klerksdorp and later obtained her BA Comm Honors Degree. She loved spending time with the art students which also primarily made up her circle of friends.

    After working with her family business, she embarked full time on her art career in 2004. This is where she found ‘home’ for her restless soul—in front of the canvas, between the colourful tubes of paint and art tools and in her own imaginary world.

    Louise is primarily a self taught artist, although a keen learner from co-artists and people she considers to be her mentors.

    She finds much pleasure in experimenting with different art styles, techniques and subjects, thus evolved as a very versatile artist. Her favourite field of study is the human face and figure. This she paints in a classical, romantic style, or more abstract and impressionistic, or as cartooning figures, which provides her an outlet for her sense of humour.

    She paints primarily in oils, but also acrylics and often uses mixed media.

    Louise finds her inspiration from people and places around her, from memories out of her rich childhood days and from her own dreamworld and experiences.

    Louise took part in many group exhibitions and also held solo exhibitions. Her work proved to be very popular with art buyers and art lovers in general and can be seen in many art galleries around the country.


  • Margaret Gradwell

    Margaret Gradwell was born in 1956 in Pretoria. A painter and graphic artist of landscapes and city scenes, wildlife and abstract pictures.  She works in oil, watercolour, gouache, pencil and in various graphic media on hand-made paper.

  • Marie Vermeulen-Breedt

    Marie Vermeulen-Breedt was born in Pretoria, South Africa. She is a dedicated artist who has produced an impressive collection of works. She has built a very successful career out her art and her work can be found in various prominent private and public collections both locally and internationally.

    Her work consists mainly of portraits, children, interior, still life’s, landscapes and equine works. Here works in the 1970s and early 1980s consisted mostly of child studies, that was in the time that her own children were still young. In the late 1980s after moving to her farm in Bapsfontein, she began erotic studies that included nudes and the forbidden fruits. In the 1990s her work was mainly interiors and horses. That was reflecting her time on the farm and also her travels throughout South Africa. Since 2000 she has done more landscapes, but also concentrated on her interiors.

    She has an honest approach to doing portraits and it has made her a popular choice for painting iconic figures. Such so that she was commissioned by the University of Pretoria to do portraits of Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki for its new Human Rights Law Library, which was unveiled by then President Thabo Mbeki.


  • Marlize le Roux

    Marlise le Roux was born and raised in Johannesburg. She studied law (B-Proc) at the former Rand Afrikaans University, but has always had a passionate interest in the visual arts. After completing her university degree, she took up painting as a full time career and has never looked back.

    She initially spent several years painting in Europe but in 2008 returned to her beloved country, South Africa. And it precisely this rainbow of South African colours from which she draws inspiration for her paintings. Today her work is displayed in several galleries and private collections around the world.


  • Michael Albertyn

    Michael was born in 1938 in Kimberley.  He has enjoyed tremendous success throughout his career as an artist, and lately as an internationally acclaimed artist.  He studied art under well-known artists like Victor Visser and W.H Coetzer.  Albertyn has a realistic style and composition of the Cape wine lands and seascapes.

  • Nic van Rensburg

    Nic van Rensburg is a multi-talented artist who specializes in warm coloured landscapes. He learned to paint by acute observation. He had no formal training and developed his own style. He has been a full-time artist for the last ten years. He started out with Tuscan scenes in 2003 and developed the theme true to his own style. He also does a variety of classical figures and children. He also paints wildlife studies and sculpts in bronze. He uses oils and acrylics on canvas and leather.

    He has exhibited in Paris, France, and was invited by the South African Embassy to exhibit his wildlife and sculptures in 2001. His work can be found in private collections in England, Canada, France, America, Australia and South Africa.


  • Otto Albertyn

    Otto Albertyn is a South African 20th Century artist, who specialises in painting landscapes, typically associated with winelands and mountains.

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    Cape Winelands. Oil on board 80 x 160cm. Framed.

    Cape Winelands. Oil on board 80 x 160cm. Framed.

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