Louise de Klerk

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Father to Son. Oil on canvas 90cm x 60cm. Framed.

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Louise was born in Johannesburg in 1967. She grew up in the countryside on a farm in the Northern Cape. She looks back on her childhood days as ‘the good old times’. It was a time when children could play their hearts out, went to school barefoot and had a horsecart for a school bus! Ever since she can remember she had a flair for anything artistic.

She matriculated in Klerksdorp and later obtained her BA Comm Honors Degree. She loved spending time with the art students which also primarily made up her circle of friends.

After working with her family business, she embarked full time on her art career in 2004. This is where she found ‘home’ for her restless soul—in front of the canvas, between the colourful tubes of paint and art tools and in her own imaginary world.

Louise is primarily a self taught artist, although a keen learner from co-artists and people she considers to be her mentors.

She finds much pleasure in experimenting with different art styles, techniques and subjects, thus evolved as a very versatile artist. Her favourite field of study is the human face and figure. This she paints in a classical, romantic style, or more abstract and impressionistic, or as cartooning figures, which provides her an outlet for her sense of humour.

She paints primarily in oils, but also acrylics and often uses mixed media.

Louise finds her inspiration from people and places around her, from memories out of her rich childhood days and from her own dreamworld and experiences.

Louise took part in many group exhibitions and also held solo exhibitions. Her work proved to be very popular with art buyers and art lovers in general and can be seen in many art galleries around the country.

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